Tuesday, December 9, 2008

trying to put my finger on it

So I am constantly trying to entirely re-evaluate the entire way that I/we currently develop web "applications". There are a few things which profoundly bother me.

Lack of object persistence (I go to a page which is deep with in a business app which requires several "models" to be loaded into memory in order to generate a given interface. Now I want to populate something via ajax so I pass in the relative IDs (or if I am lucky the IDs are in a session, regardless) the page then has to again load those SAME models into memory (temporarily) to fetch some sort of related json tidbit).

Too much coupling to one particular "display stack" i.e. html, css, xhtml, javascript (extjs) - surely my "view" should have the intended layout recorded in a meaningful and timeless manner including callbacks/events and then have it be implemented by what ever adapter/rendering method I choose i.e. html or extjs or svg or what ever comes down the pipeline! this way there is a simple "plugging in" of a new adapter which meets the protocol for rendering and away I go.

My new framework/language/paradigm is going to tackle these problems absolutely.

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