Tuesday, December 9, 2008

initial impressions of seaside

So this is the second time I have tried to "get into" seaside and my initial impression is "man thats a lot of classes" it just feels like total overload but I know that is because I am browsing everything available within squeak as well as smalltalk - still I am just recording my impression so I can come back later and reflect upon it.

I really like the idea of storing class definitions within a db including hierarchy, methods, properties etc. and then fwriting them as actual php class files when necessary. I see this as a sort of compromise/middle ground between the apache and smalltalk image approach. I think that is definitely the direction I will be going with this eventual framework. I want to provide the minimal class hierarchy necessary to create powerful web applications with out including all of the stuff necessary for operating upon the kitchen sink.

The ability to quickly fly through classes/methods and make and commit changes is awesome. It would be pretty easy to include version control this way too!

The other idea based on this structure would be actually storing session instances of given classes.... that's something I am chewing on though in the back of my mind - but for editing/developing I think this idea has wings. Already got a basic interface together using extjs. It will be sweet when things are to the point that I can re-write it in the new language/framework but sometimes a bootstrap is necessary.

Another thing I am for sure wanting to start messing with is the idea of render/adapter-context-free views in that I can define how an interface works with out worrying about the actual display code wether that is html/css or pure extjs etc it should still function with out extra work on my part once the initial adapter is written. So the first step is coming up with what the "interface" for such an adapter would be. An interesting thing to consider is how would one action/view be rendered differently based upon extjs or plain html.

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