Saturday, December 13, 2008

collections of collections and relations of relations

I am constantly torn between the necessity of hierarchy in classifying data and the equal necessity to allow all things to remain miscellaneous. With the new collectionspace data structure I feel I am finding that middle ground at last. The key is allowing relationships between nodes to be freely described and extended. The one node which I feel is going to provide the most interesting use is the collection - which is sort of funny as it makes the name of our site relevant again in the context of our new knowledge base.

  • node

    • person

    • place

    • thing

      • record

      • shirt

      • book

    • concept

      • belief

      • date

      • number

      • measurement

        • mass

        • weight

        • volume

        • pressure

        • force

        • distance

        • time

      • color

    • collection

      • group of people
        • band

      • group of things
        • want list
        • have list

I feel this is a good start

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