Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Added diff and intersect to the Hash object making the primes example even smaller.

/*python version*/
noprimes = [j for i in range(2, 8) for j in range(i*2, 50, i)]
primes = [x for x in range(2, 50) if x not in noprimes]

/*common php version*/
$noprimes = xR(2,8)->mapf('xR($x*2,50,$x)->out()')->flatten();
$primes = xR(2,50)->diff($noprimes);

Or as a lovely one liner

$primes = xR(2,50)->diff(xR(2,8)->mapf('xR($x*2,50,$x)->out()')->flatten());

A little less readable for sure but the reality is it can be done and it fits the true definition of "one liner" by sliding in at the 79th column.

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